RebateCodes Safe Shopping Tips

Shopping online is fast, fun and more times than not the most economical way to shop. For these reasons and a few more, online shopping has taken off and will surely continue to grow exponentially for the near future. With more and more people logging on and taking the online shopping plunge, a brief reminder of good online shopping habits seem in order. RebateCodes Top 10 Online Shopping Tips Install

Petsmart Offering 3% Cashback

Petsmart is now offering 3% cashback on all purchases at Find PetSmart coupons and deals on your pet food and pet supplies. PetSmart offers the best in pet supplies, pet services and expertise to help you care for your pets. With great pricing, a wide selection, and now offering 3% cashback, we believe Petsmart will be a valuable addition to the RebateCodes program.

Automate cashback with RebateCodes Extension
RebateCodes New Chrome Extension!

Automate your cashback shopping with the new chrome browser extension from RebateCodes. Available in the Chrome extension store starting today, the new toolbar from RebateCodes will totally automate your shopping experience. ┬áThe toolbar has 3 primary functions: 1)Your RebateCodes account information is always one click away. ┬áSimply click the icon in the upper right hand corner and your account “live” account information is displayed. 2)The toolbar will sit quietly as