June 28, 2015
Ebates alternative offers several advantages

What is the best alternative to Ebates?

The cashback industry is growing each year as mainstream shoppers learn that they are leaving money on the table by not using a cashback service such as Ebates and A primary reason for this growth is attributable to Ebates with it's huge advertising budget and countless TV commercials.

But, is Ebates the best cash back shopping website?  We put the cashback giant against a new up and coming site called in a side by side comparision:

Ease of use

No question here, we love the clean, almost ad free website. The colors are bright and lively, but most importantly, the site is straight forward and easy to navigate. And, no annoying pop ups!

Number of Retailers

Advantage here to Ebates with approximately 1800 stores while RebateCodes comes in with about 1/2 that with 900 stores. We did note all major national retailers were on both sites and the difference seems to be in smaller specialty retailers.

Cashback Rates

When it comes to rates, we put both sites at a tie. In our random check of 20 stores, 17 had the same cashback rate at both sites while ebates had one store on their double rate list and RebateCodes had 2 stores at a higher rate.

Referral Program

Here there is no comparison. Ebates offers a $10 signing bonus when you refer a new member. RebateCodes offers a $5 signing bonus plus pays an ongoing 10% of the referral's earnings for the life of the account! We believe this is a huge advantage and a great selling point for using RebateCodes.

Imagine, you could build up quite a nice stream of revenue by referring friends and family to RebateCodes. We did not find any limitations in the Terms of Service and the program clearly states that the 10% referral earnings are for the life of the account.  This is huge!


To conclude, we find both sites a valuable tool for shoppers and clearly everyone should be using a cash back site. Both sites offer basically the same cashback rates and both cover the major national retailers. 

Our choice is First, we find the site more enjoyable to use (we hate pop ups) and more importantly, the referral program is simply to big to pass up. 

Well, that's our take on it. Check out RebateCodes at and give them a try. You really are leaving money on the table if you are not using a cashback site.

The article above was originally printed by The App Page and reprinted with their permission.

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