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The Key To a Great Fundraiser is Finding One That is a

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How Our Program Works

Each day thousands of RebateCodes members earn 1% to 15% cashback on products they buy online. By simply going to their favorite stores via RebateCodes, members begin earning cashback on products & services they were already buying.

So, How do you make money? It’s really simple. Your school or group will open a free account at which time you will get your own unique referral link. You then promote our service and each person who opens an account using your link will become one of your referred accounts.

You earn a $5 signup bonus for each qualified account plus 10% of all cashback earned by every account! For the life of every account!

group benefits
  • No inventory or investment required
  • Free to join & setup your fundraiser
  • Creates a permanent, recurring revenue source
  • We provide all tracking / reporting. No admin costs to you.
  • Indirect fundraiser - You are not asking for another check
  • Includes our "Accelerated Giving" , option on all accounts
  • Use our tools & ads to promote your fundraiser across all social media
donor benefits
  • No cash or expense to the donor
  • RebateCodes is free to join (in fact, donors earn $5 for joining
  • Donor earns 1% to 10% cashbackfrom more than 2000 retailers.
  • Indirect fundraiser - You are not asking for anotherDonor receives access to thousands of exclusive online coupons from over 2000 online retailers check
  • Donor can support your school or group & save money by earning cashback on products they already buy!

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