Your group has the potential to earn thousands of dollars each year from our group fundraising program. Obviously, the more you promote the more you will earn. There are 2 ways that your group will earn:

1) $5 New Member Bonus for each new qualitied member that you sign up.

2) 10% of all cashback earned by each of your referrals. This is paid for the life of the account with no limits.

"Accelerated Giving" is a unique enhancement to our fundraising program that is only available at RebateCodes. Basically, any user that joins in support of your fundraiser will be given the option to "accelerate" their giving by electing to donate all of their cashback to you instead of our normal program. Obviously, the more you promote this option the higher your return.

A member becomes a "qualified" member once they have made a legitimate withdrawal from RebateCodes. At that time, all signup and new member bonuses are paid.

Commissions are earned and deposited to your account on the day that a referred member withdraws his cashback. For example, when a referral withdraws $200 in earned cashback, your group account will be credited $20 (10%). This will continue for as long as the account is active.

"Accelerated Giving" donations are credited to your account the moment they are confirmed and payment is received from the retailer.

Once you log into your account, you are taken to "Your Dashboard". From your dashboard, you will find all the information on your referrals under the "Referral Program" tab.

Once your account is over $25 you can request a cashout. The minimum cashout amount is $25. All fundraising accounts are paid by check and only in the group's name.