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This is how it works. When someone joins via your unique referral link, $5 is put into your account with a "Pending" status. When the referred person makes his first withdrawal, the status is changed to "Confirmed" and is available for withdrawal. In addition, the system will calculate 10% of the amount withdrawn and deposit that directly into your account

Please remember that your referrals must sign up via your link on our website in order to be tracked.

This is a huge opportunity for you to earn a significant amount of money on top of the savings and cashback you earn from your own purchasing. And as always, offers excellent tracking so that you can monitor your referral earnings as they grow. Go to the "Refer a Friend" page on your dashboard to find your personal link which people will use to signup as your referral. You will want to paste this link in all your emails and tweets to friends so that they can easily join as your referral.