Once transactions are reported to us, they are immediately listed in your account with a "pending" status. This allows you to know that the transaction was recorded and the amount. The transactions remain in "pending" status until the retailer sends the funds to us. This typically takes 30 to 45 days as they will not send funds until the return period has ended and they are sure the sale is final. Transactions are move to "confirmed' status the same day the funds are received by us.

"Pending" transactions will typically show up in your account within 24 hours.

Most retailers offer differing cashback rates on various products. This is determined solely by the retailer and we have no control on this. It is impossible for us to post the all the rates offered by product; so an estimated average is posted.

If you suspect an error has been made, simply email us the Order Date, Order Number, and Order Amount and we will forward to the retailer for investigation.

Once you have a balance of $25 or higher, you can request a withdrawal at anytime. Requests are usually processed by the following day.

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